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Food is everybody's business and deserves a key position in every young person's education. The links between food, diet, health and well-being are indisputable. Today's young people are already tomorrow's consumers and citizens. There is a need to develop informed users and consumers of food.

FoodForum's aim is to encourage critical users and consumers of food. As part of young people's food and consumer education let's challenge them to ask questions, critically evaluate the answers, consider the motives at work behind information sources and take nothing at face value.

FoodForum has a role to play in helping young people to find out more about the food they eat, where it came from and how it may have been processed before reaching them. Hopefully many young people will be empowered by what they find out to take control of the food they eat as well as developing the skills and knowledge to produce food for their own consumption - rather than relying on choices and products made for them by the food industry.

FoodForum is an independent food education service, supporting an understanding in the use and enjoyment of food. It is operated on a not-for-profit basis.

The essential aim of this site is to provide a forum for:

Teachers who are seeking support, guidance, information and ideas to help them in their teaching.

Children and young people making use of the computer to access information and support about food and consumer issues, egs. for homework, when doing project work or when researching a specific topic.

Parents who want to keep themselves informed so that they can support their child's education, health and well-being.

FoodForum is managed and directed by its founder, Ali Farrell, a trained home economist and teacher and a leading practitioner in food and technology education.

To contact Ali Farrell or www.foodforum.org.uk please email: ali@foodforum.org.uk

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