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The f-files: educational materials

Please note: information presented in the F-files was correct at the time of posting and does not necessarily reflect current manufacturing processes used.

The F-files provide a bank of teaching and learning materials. These are produced as case studies and provide actual examples from the food industry. They present the story behind products, materials, processes and systems.

They all have a similar format and have been designed for use by 14-19 year olds. At the end of each case study there are activities and signposts to further sources of information.

What do I do now?
You have a number of options at this point:

  • use the pull-down menu above to select a case study by title
  • try the site's search facility (in the purple left-hand margin) to find a case study by topic and/or age-range
  • check out the user notes for guidance on using case studies to learn about food products.

    Design Council Millennium Products
    Some of the case studies in the F-files
    have a Design Council Millennium Products' logo (as shown here)
    which indicates that they have achieved this status for outstanding innovation.

    Case studies to support A Level Food Technology
    Also in the F-files are a number of case studies, developed in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation, specifically to support any study of food at A Level, egs. Food Technology, Food Science and Nutrition, Home Economics. Teacher guidance on using these case studies at A level can be accessed by clicking here.

    Any of the case studies in the F-files will prove useful for supporting study at GCSE and A Level - not just in Food Technology, but in any curriculum area dealing with consumer issues, business and commerce or industry perspectives and where case studies would enable students to access the world beyond school through real life examples.

    Although not all of the products featured in the F-files are currently available on the market they, neverthless, feature design and manufacturing processes that are still relevant for study.

    Please send your comments on how useful you find the case studies and ideas for any others you would like to see to editor@foodforum.org.uk


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